So with only thirteen days down out of a potential ninety two Big Brother finds itself shedding its third housemate. Ah, bless! Channel 4 has never seen such a plethora of back door action. Still at least they’ve made up the numbers with a bit of new blood.

New blood for blue blood, some might say (sorry).

George it seems had a valid reason for leaving the house. His prime concern was the burgeoning pressures of fame that would undoubtedly be waiting for him on the outside. In his own words, “he’s simply not cut out to be famous”. Someone might want to explain to him how the game works. You enter, you play and you leave. You might cop a summer of red carpet action at the premier of some third rate films. You might even get to be one of those sound bite merchants for a future Big Brother program. But make no mistake, you ain’t going to be looking at a career in showbiz of indeterminate length. You won’t look back on your life like Bruce Forsythe probably does and say “that went on a bit didn’t it, my loves”.

Seems to me, the young chap is swapping one twisted perception of reality for another, oh and lose the piercings, yah. You aren’t street no matter what mummy probably says.

Anyway back in the house, the arrival of the newbies has signalled the first major outbreak of segregation in this year’s housemates. Forget battle lines, these are trenches. On side the Mama’s & Papa’s led by Richard (who so knows what he is doing) and Lea. They effortlessly recruited Aisleyne and Sam (William Shatner in drag…anyone?).

On the other side The Plastics, led by hyper competitive Sezer and uber manipulator Grace. So far the subject of who falls on what side is a tricky one to gauge. Glyn is of no consequence (yet) because he’s simply too innocent to be of use to either party while Pete it would seem has too much savvy to throw himself in with either lot, but you can bet wherever he ends up Lisa won’t be far behind him. Mikey has a friendship with Sezer but I suspect he could prove wilier than you think and may sit out any potential allegiances until the dust settles. Imogen however at this stage is in with The Plastics as we saw when she joined in the “bitch and bite” session that came after Aisleyne and Sam entered. Nikki could be a safe bet for Richard’s mob judging by her fractious relationship with Grace but her temper and the direction of the wind at any given moment make her something of a wildcard.

At present Sezer is the one who seems keen to throw down a game plan. And he has categorically stated that he doesn’t mind using bullying tactics to get what he wants. His super heated approach to taking out the competition could be his downfall simply because his main opponent (Richard) has a cooler head which could serve him well in the weeks to come. However I think its safe to say that the ensuing conflict that everyone watches the show for (come on, be honest…you love it) could be starting to flare up sooner rather than later.

So that’s what effect the new housemates have had upon the house but what are they like so far.

Sam besides being a pre op transsexual has had little impact apart from the obvious reasons. So far she still seems more than a little dazed by everything that has happened (which is understandable). Yet apart from finding some common ground with Richard hasn’t shown anything of particular interest. First impressions, an easy target for Sezar to start taking down

Aisleyne on the other hand seems more than a little more sussed about the whole situation. Straight away she seemed to get the measure of Sezer (who lets be right is a bully) and I suspect that if and when he picks a fight with her (and he has promised that) he might find himself with quite a worthy opponent. Add to this the fact that she has immediately garnered herself some credible backup in the form of Richard and Lea and you have the makings of a reality television war zone.

Ah, such intrigue and the only one truly floating above it all is none other than Glyn who is simply happy to be in the presence of girls. My God, if Aisleyne ever got her hands on him and decided to initiate his passage to manhood…

…But that would never happen, right ?