You know what its like at this stage, emotions are raw and everyone is feeling more than a little drained (and that’s just the reviewer). So in truth the last week of the house has had very little to offer the viewer than moments of quite reflection and the odd burst of tears from all and sundry, the only thing to be decided now is who carves the final slice and gets to walk with the cash and the prerequisite three minutes of fame.

First out tonight was possibly the easiest prediction, Jonty might have bucked trends by surviving more than one week but he was never going to take the prize. If you want the cash, tradition has taught us you need to do the full stint. Next up for exit was Carole, again relatively adequate placing and in my eyes someone who had something of a charmed life in the last few weeks. Still every house tends to breed a matriarch and this year that role was well and truly hers. In the interview stakes Jonty and Carole proved well liked and amicable enough and his reception was positive (one wonders how well coached the crowd have been).

Ziggy finished fourth (his face blanched at the news) and it was time for him to face the music. As we know the prospect of leaving has been one that has been causing him more than a little worry for more than a few weeks considering his rocky relationship with Channelle and for someone who has faced crowds before he looked terrified as he made his way to the podium for the obligatory photo shoot. His interview of course revolved around Channelle, It was of course uncomfortable viewing for him (and for us). Actually speaking of Channelle her constant posing and preening and trying to squeeze herself on camera was nothing short of irritating. Pass the sick bag puh lease.

Finishing in third place was none other than Liam, while it would have been nice to see him “double his money” (as a major upset for the voting/betting fraternity). It was always going to be an unlikely result. It was more unsettling for him as he had to wait half an hour before he could face the public and see his family and friends. He got one of the best receptions of the night as well (obviously maintaining the female vote). Of course we shouldn’t feel too bad for him, he does walk away with one hundred thousand pounds for his troubles. In the end he did seem to be one of the housemates who came out of the experience having learned something.

It was time to reveal the winner, and after a pin drop silence…it was none other than…Brian. By this point he seemed to have been crying forever. Still there was the simple matter of getting the runner’s up out of the way first and of course that was none other than Sam and Amanda. Leaving the house as one they looked both bemused and overly excited as they posed for the press (squeaking like mice, how bloody annoying).

Moving on to Brian he walked out of the house with over 63% of the votes, with a poignant last look around the house he marched out of the house striking strange poses and making unintelligible noises. Of course there was the usual fireworks and fanfare and if anything this represented something of a bit of a last minute upset in many people’s eyes. Although he had been a favourite to win for some time in more recent weeks his halo had slipped a touch and it looked like he could have fallen back a place or two. It would seem he took the prize by virtue of his everyman status and dare I say it his innate innocence, naivety and simplicity.

So there we have it, all done and dusted for another year. Watching what Brian does next might be akin to watching a car crash, out of all the people who could have won I can’t think of one person who lacks the credentials to not get “mugged off” by the inevitable short burst of media activity that will soon surround him.

What happens next? He decides…