Roll Deep return with the single ‘Movin’ In Circles’ on March 16th, taken from the album ‘Return Of The Big Money Sound’. Its a double A side with ‘Club 7’ taking up flipside duties. ‘Movin’ In Circles’ has the right chemistry to perform well on the radio as well as on the dancefloor. Touted by the press release as being influenced by Two Tone material like The Specials etc. There’s a definite Terry Hall deadpan lilt to the delivery in places and the bassline and piano have that distinctive ska bounce. ‘Club 7’ moves in a more modernistic flavour with more emphasis on the synth work and rapid fire delivery. While lacking the immediacy of the first track it’s a grower and in the longterm it has a bit more fire in its gut.

If you’ve not checked out the album yet, its a definite recommend. Its a masterclass in showing you how hip hop and grime are done, compare it to the bloated and lazy output from the US (think dated Euro synth rip offs and an over reliance on old hits) and ‘Return Of The Big Money Sound’ is sharper, leaner and meaner. With an ominous, insistent production throughout the album gets a grip and simply doesn’t let go. First rate stuff.