Tonight was very much a back to basics approach for the house as they set out on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. Devoid of their physical possessions they were given simple robes to wear as this week’s task saw them preparing to improve themselves in mind, body and spirit. All were up for nomination apart from those who would over the course of the week pass specific tasks and find themselves with “guru” status.

If anything it was amusing watching them called to the garden on regular intervals whenever digeridoo music was played into the house and observing them dancing around like hippies wearing nappies. As part of their task they had to find each other’s enlightening qualities as well as present lectures on specific topics (science, politics, literature and art). Watching the twins enlighten the nation on how the Labour party works was…well enlightening to say the least. Gerry of course was presenting on art and gave an insightful look at the Mona Lisa while Brian delivered a somewhat stilted observation on music (more about who was hot and who was not). It is safe to say his fellow housemates looked a little perplexed.

In terms of relationships in the house there was a distinct thawing in relations between Gerry and pretty much everyone in the house. Brian meanwhile continues to elevate in confidence and unfortunately it makes him more and more disagreeable. While this occurs we watch former Golden Boy Liam slip into the background while Tracey of all people seems to be moving forward in leaps and bounds when it comes to making her presence felt in positive terms. Definitely a household in flux and an atmosphere that is unsettled.

The night concluded with an IQ test which allowed them to pass the first part of the task, Ziggy showed the most improvement in terms of mental terms and thus he became the first guru to win himself immunity from nomination.

Who will be next…stay tuned.