The enlightement task continued tonight with a focus on the body tonight. There were problems immediately for Gerry who found himself unable to compete in the task as he had pulled a muscle in his back. This left him unable to achieve guru status and thus escape being up for eviction. His morale took a sharp nosedive while his paranoia went through the roof.

As it stands he is dramatically declaring his belief that he will be the one to be evicted on Friday, whether he will be the one to go is another matter. At present it’s almost impossible to call.

The actual task involved an obstacle course which some coped with better than others. Carole and Tracey failed to complete the course in the required ninety seconds thus incurring more fails for the group. Others such as Liam and Brian managed the task with ease.

Otherwise it was a relatively quiet day with many of the housemates in the mood for reflection. Ziggy and Liam were once again close and looking back on their experiences within the house. After there are now just a couple of weeks before the show ends and before too long we will be seeing more and people leaving the house as their residencies come to an end.

In order to achieve guru status the housemates had to undertake the obstacle course once again and the ones who showed the biggest improvement in time & performance would be the ones who achieved guru status. It was an easy win for the twins who performed the task as one and made a massive improvement on their original time. There was one interesting point during the second run of the course…Carole looked like she might die!

…but she didn’t.

Kara Louise meanwhile managed to twist her ankle second time around but gamely went on to finish the course. Ooh she was ever so dramatic. What was interesting was the fact that Brian was squaring up to Gerry when he tried to “heal Kara Louise’s aura”. Accusing him of being “full of bollocks”.

There was also some rebellion in the house over food as people started to tire over Carole’s monopoly of the selection, they declared between them that they would rather have more “baccy and sweets”, that little decision should make for an interesting reaction. Although having failed the body task today, Its not going to be plain sailing to complete to win the task overall.