Carole is doing my head in and I’m not even in the bloody house.

As punishment for “writing stuff” the twins, Jonty and Gerry are now the only ones allowed to do the cleaning and cooking in the house. This leaves the irksome Carole at something as a loose end as she was always the one to “play mother” in the house. It was clear that losing this role was stressing her out and she was immediately nagging the punished housemates to do the jobs they had been assigned.

She was once again involved heavily in the shopping list task as well. Becoming snappy and irritable with Brian when he pointed out he would like one packet of noodles. He might have let this slide in the past but with his new slight more affirmative attitude you could see his temper starting to boil over. In fact when it came to the shopping task she was prepared to argue with everyone and the atmosphere was soon looking decidedly fierce.

It was going to get worse for Carole as well. It transpired that Carole had broken the Big Brother rules and had horded foodstuff when the housemates had been told distinctly to return all luxury items. She also dropped another clanger when she showed Kara Louise how to whisk eggs (and foolishly demonstrated).

There was a price to pay for these indiscretions and it cost the house dearly, the luxury budget was revoked and it was back on basic rations for all and sundry. While most put a brave face on the situation, Ziggy confessed to being pissed off and enjoyed a rant in the diary room.

It was clear that hunger was shortening tempers because the night ended with Carole (again) and Gerry in the midst of a row…

Depressing, stay tuned.