Getting with the juicer this summer.

I hear you saying that summer hasn’t arrived. Well, fair enough, just pretend it has and do all the things you would do whilst in summer mode. Go out in the back garden and wear nothing too much and soak up the Great British weather. Bring an umbrella if you wish to keep off the rain so as not to ruin your suntan.

What else could you do with to make you feel like it’s really warm out there? Get down to your local fruit and vegetable market – we’re going to make some juice favourites which will not only taste good but will help keep you trim too (apart from the alcoholic one of course!).

Doctor, Doctor!

Ingredients: 2 raw beetroot, 4 carrots, 2 apples, a stick of celery and a piece of fresh root ginger (about 3cm in length).

Ever heard of those people who go on fruit diets? Yes, they even stop drinking alcohol. Well, If I had to go on one then this is what I’d be making. Chuck in ginger then carrots and follow on with the rest. Give it a mix with a spoon once completed, pour into some slender glasses and drink at once for best results.

Gingerhead’s Soul Reviver

Ingredients: Small piece of fresh root ginger (about 3cm in length), 6 carrots, 1 orange (peel and pith removed).

Throw in the ginger to start followed by the carrots and lastly the orange. Poor into glasses of your choice and be ready to take on any day the boss will throw at you.

The Philips Screwdriver with a Twist (alcoholic)

Ingredients: 3 carrots, 1 raw beetroot, 2 oranges (peel and pith removed) and a few shots of vodka.

Grab the two oranges and throw them in the juice extractor (remember to remove pee and pith). Now put 5 large carrots into the extractor followed by a large beetroot. Once done, mix up and throw in an appropriate measure of vodka and then pour into some highball glasses and garnish with a slice of lemon.

What did we use? 700W PHILIPS PROFESSIONAL ALUMINIUM JUICER (HR1861). All our drinks were mixed using this lovely professional juicer and since this article was written many more have passed through its unique micro-mesh filter. With a 2 litre pulp container you can get through a lot of fruit and not have to worry about emptying it mid-operation.

It offers 2 speeds, 1 for soft fruit and one for hard. For those with dish washers you’ll be pleased to know it easy-clean dishwasher safe but for the rest of us saving the universe it’s pretty easy to clean in the sink too and comes with a handy brush which makes it pretty simple. Oh and forget about removing the cores from apples, this monster will take them whole.

Produced with an anodised aluminium finish it’ll look damn good in your kitchen and will last as long too no matter how often you use it. The juicer is part of their Aluminium Collection which also includes a kettle, coffee maker, toaster and blender.

The juice extractor from Philips will find its way into your kitchen for a price of about £100 from retailers such as Argos, John Lewis, House of Fraser, ASDA and other leading retailers.