As far as days go there was very little to report and in fairness, it pales into insignificance in comparison to the eviction moment that occurred tonight. As we already knew there was going to be a twist tonight with the final choice of who was evicted being decided by the resident guru’s however before we got to see that decision we had to discover who got the most votes.

In the end it came down to Carole and Gerry, quite bizarre in the grand scheme of things as usually in these circumstances it is the relative newcomers who become the earliest residents to depart the house. However tonight proved that this was the evening to buck trends.

The gurus were given no time at all to make their decision and that was when Gerry showed a more shall we say “heroic” side to his nature. He insisted the twins, Ziggy and Tracey choose him to leave the house while Carole would be the one to stay.

He was doing this to prove to the British public that he was “not in the house for the money” but instead for the experience. It was another one of those Han Solo carbonite moments as one by one the gurus spoke his name and sealed his fate. Carole was understandably in tears as she saw her compatriot fall by the wayside and join the ranks of the ex housemates returning to normality. Gerry’s parting shot was a wish that Carole would stay to the end and win the money.

The night of Britain’s “most famous Greek” had finally come to a close.