Here’s a little piece for those with two much time on their hands (and I’m talking in the literal sense here). In a world where there is an app for everything bar launching a nuclear arsenal available for the iPhone it was only a matter of time before there was something for blokes who a) have a questionable relationship with women b) rarely leave the house c) will probably be arrested for doing something really dodgy in the future.

Yes gentlemen, welcome to the world of…ahem…iBabe.

Now, you too can use your ridiculously expensive phone to look at miniaturized images of the Ministry Of Sound model Funda Onal and make her “do things”. Yes, you can ask her “anything you want”, “dress her up in sexy lingerie” and “watch her sweating and panting in her daily exercise routine”.

One wonders when the genius level geeks at Apple were pooling their intellectual resources to create a wondrous multi purpose device that could not only take calls but perform a multitude of tasks they envisaged it would become a receptacle for post modern hand chicanery.

I mean really….

Still who am I to judge, go on you hairy palmed bastards…the link is below. Knock yourself out, just try not to do it on the bus.