Consider me something of a cynical individual but as the latest incarnation of Big Brother stumbles somewhat haphazardly towards its conclusion there seems to be a bit of a dash to pump up the interest a little bit in the closing stages. Carole and Ziggy for example had a “blindfold” task where they had to guess who they were in the presence of, it was of course by harking back to one of the most controversial couplings of the series BB had something of a chance of dragging back the ratings.

Yes folks for a short time they brought Channelle back into the house, it was quite awkward for Ziggy as well because quite frankly she looked a million dollars while he looked…well, like death warmed up quite frankly. If anything this was her shot at vindication and vengeance for his somewhat shabby treatment of her as he stood there looking particularly unwashed and reeking of smokey bacon crisps while she looked like she had just stepped out of a particularly pricey beauty parlour.

There was also Big Brother’s cruel revenge for breaking of the rules, he put Sam and Amanda, Brian and Jonty through the task of nominating two out of the three punished housemates (Carole, Liam, Ziggy) to face a final eviction scenario (they chose Carole and Ziggy on the grounds that Liam wasn’t actually truly at fault for discussing nominations). However the biggest twist in this task was that it was simply Big Brother being cruel, there was to be no nominations whatsoever.

So the traditional rules remain, for the voting fraternity you are now looking at voting for the person you actually want to win the prize. Make your choices and stay tuned.