The atmosphere continues to remain a little frosty tonight as housemates bicker almost continuously over Carol’s manipulation of the food. This led to particular squabbles between Liam and Carole and although civility is being maintained on some level underneath there is some real animosity brewing between different factions in the house. It wasn’t made better by the introduction of a polygraph test to gauge the spiritual purity of the contestants. How accurate this truly was is anyone’s guess but there were some questions designed I would think by Big Brother to stir the pot somewhat.

Liam was tested on whether he was jealous of Amanda and Brian’s relationship while Gerry was made to look greedy and egotistical with his questions. Something which later caused him some upset as he convinced himself tearfully that he was going to be evicted.

The most honest housemates were to be rewarded with guru status, however as it was a draw between Brian and Tracey the housemates had to decide who would be the final candidate to receive the hallowed award. The decision was almost unanimously Tracey.

Still some might have regretted their decision as later on in the day she uncharacteristically found herself in arguments with Gerry over his lies (he had lied about his age which Tracey took great offence to). Then there was dispute with Ziggy over Tracey’s comment that his relationship with Channelle was fake. It was uncomfortable to watch as she found herself quite possibly for the first time reeling on the defensive from a double pronged attack from her two new found enemies.

Could Tracey have come this far only to spike her chances at this late stage?

Stay tuned…