Rosalind Chapman, Transformlas Company Founder wanted to offer a product that gave fantastic results without the cost and risk of invasive treatments and surgery (“Beauty Without Surgery”). All their products have been developed with the input of cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and beauty professionals and have been backed by clinical tests and results. This crème is truly extraordinary and makes the skin act, look and feel years younger.

CosmedikTM Mid-Life Marine Miracle Crème
• Tightens & firms
• Fades lines & lessens wrinkles
• Assists in the rejuvenation of cell structure
• Refines skins appearance
• Ultra hydrating
• Makes skin feel silky smooth
• Gentle, effective & safe

This crème is a ‘miracle in a jar’. I loved it and am convinced that the furrows on my forehead have softened. I went out for dinner the other night and a friend commented that I looked “really well”. I feel it! My skin feel much softer and more hydrated. I’m just really devastated that I have used up the whole jar. I would definitely recommend CosmedikTM Mid-Life Marine Miracle Crème and strongly suspect that Transformulas’ other products are just as good.