What are the qualities that would see a housemate evicted?

Has Tracey’s cantankerous nature elicited a negative reaction? Has Jonty’s exposure proved too much for the nation to bear? Has Kara Louise’s constant vanity and armpit plucking become something we can no longer stomach watching?

The housemates had a discussion about eggs and where they come from, which proved just how uneducated some of the housemates actually were when it comes to biological matter.

When it came to a task Ziggy had to guess which housemates were the most popular/most unpleasant/most cowardly with the housemates arranging themselves on podiums numbered one to seven. Kara Louise found herself voted constantly in the most negative categories which didn’t elevate her self esteem any whatsoever. But then who cares, I don’t like her…do you?

Still her negative traits provided rewards for the rest of the housemates in the form of food and champagne for a party. To hell with sparing her feelings.

There was an obvious divide down the house and it was a case of new housemates versus old. Kara Louise felt she had reached the end of the road in her journey. While this was going on the rest of the housemates were negotiating parts of their luxury budget in exchange for some more music and booze. Yet still for some the atmosphere remained more than a little frosty.

Incidentally we were treated to some of the crappest dancing we’ve yet to see in Big Brother, I mean you should see Ziggy’s ‘earnest dancing face’ tacked on for good measure. Niiice…

Furthermore Big Brother wanted to make more deals for food with Jonty, Tracey, and Liam. This caused friction for Carole who had waited weeks for her beloved jar of Piccalilli. Was it really worth for three tunes? Carole didn’t think so…

Tracey finally confessed to Big Brother that she was nervous about the potential at being evicted but however she did pick a decent choon to listen to, (Josh Wink’s Higher State). Carole meanwhile went to bed.

Jonty however did some more “dad dancing” while Kara flexed an arse the size of Newcastle on the makeshift dancefloor.

When it came down to evictions the decision was final (although judging by the reactions not an easy one), the people to go would be none other than the nation’s Cheesy Quaver Tracey and resident whinger Kara Louise.

Now that folks, is what I call an upset….