020Magazine.COM started back in December 2004 in a little apartment in Aldgate East with a team of about 40 writers each who probably lived in little apartments around London. Back then the site managed a few thousand visitors in a month which we were all very pleased about. Now that figure has grown to over 80,000 each month and every month sees more growth.
Over time 020Magazine.COM has seen some classic articles appear on its pages – some even breaking when the news breaks itself. We’ve also had our fair share of heavy traffic, certain archived stories like Happy Slaps for example are continually punched out wanting to be discovered.
Our writers are knowledgeable on the subjects that they write about, they not only bring you the correct information but also endeavour to educate you on the subject. There have been no fewer than 50 writers who have provided excellent reading material during our magzine’s existence and we also have a core team of 8 writers who provide day to day articles keeping Londoners up to date about London.
We will provide Londoners with information about London, finding jobs, finding accommodation, finding entertainment. We will go out of our way to make your time easier whilst staying in the metropolis.
Please keep us alerted to any new stories that you would like us to cover.