Yes, there was a task tonight. The housemates ate cheese in a bid to influence their dreams which if matched with Big Brother’s specially staged dream sequence in the garden (a dance featuring actors dressed as a hot dog, a clown and Kylie Minogue) meant they would win a prize.

However I’m brushing over that for two reasons a) it was crap b) it wasn’t the pervasive issue in the house.

The big issue tonight was the discussion of loyalty. Of late the housemates particularly the original bunch had enjoyed a very close knit relationship. However it seems clear that cracks are starting to appear with even the strongest of bonds, triggered especially by Ziggy’s admission that he nominated Gerry (the housemates have been granted a nomination chat amnesty following the recent activities).

Behaviour changes have been rife and with the best will in the world under the surface some people just aren’t as close as they were. Brian for example seems to have been bolstered by his dalliances with Amanda and it has added a few hard edges to his character that are somewhat unappealing. He has become less tolerant of the other housemates while becoming more sure of himself (for good or ill). There’s always been an element of jealousy in place where he is concerned seemingly because he feels inferior to the more experience Ziggy and Liam.

Gerry meanwhile seems to have been left shellshocked by Ziggy’s actions while Ziggy as always has been left quietly deliberating his actions with Carole (who has been in a foul mood for the last day or so). The new housemates including Amy have been for the most part subdued (even Jonty seems to have calmed down a little). The twins meanwhile seem to have taken on a degree of empowerment that while not being as obvious as the other house dynamic changes are there all the same.

It’s almost like a Mexican stand off, there are power shifts occurring all over the house and it has been reflected in the viewpoint in the outside world. Brian is no longer the runaway favourite to win that he once was, it would appear that as his popularity begins to wobble the twins are sneaking up in the outside lane and threatening to steal his crown. Most interesting.

However one can’t help but feel at this relatively late stage that Big Brother is orchestrating all these changes. The way things are moving now its all feeling a little pre planned.

Stay tuned.