Its time for another round up of musical offerings and we’ve got quite a lot to get through today so let’s waste no time. Kicking off with Tennesse 4 piece Paramore, their new single ‘Hallelujah’ is out on September 3rd on Fueled By Raman records. Its something of a curiosity this one as well, topped with an effortlessly soaring vocal by singer Hayley Williams and shrouded in a curious hybrid of stop start American rock. As a whole it leaves you wondering after the first listen whether its something you should enjoy or not, however rest assured despite falling outside the boundaries of my usual tastes this actually works really well and has earned itself a place on my playlist this week. The single will be released on one CD and two separate 7” formats highlighting a different B side on each. Also the band will be playing Reading and Leeds festival this month, so if you’re at either keep your eyes peeled for them, could be an interesting prospect.

Next up is EP 1 (out on Island, September 3rd) by Bristol duo Malaki, a studio based act that work with samples and live instrumentation. Boys and girls this is where the party really gets started. A thrilling melting pot of influences that served to remind me of The Avalanches (although slightly less mad), they sling pretty much everything into the mix and expect twangy galloping western style guitars, keening horns and weird noises aplenty (The Battle). No sooner has such madness subsided than you get a gorgeous flamenco driven ‘Moonsurfing’. ‘Fading World’ has a sombre imposing feel, and like its predecessor carries a nice retro pop sensibility (quite possibly my favourite cut from the collection). The true closer of EP 1 is a reggae tinged piece ‘Words Like Humble’ not quite as effortless as its forebears but worthy all the same. This is a bit of a belter as they say.

Next up is Paul Steel with his single ‘Your Loss’ out on Polydor on the 3rd September, its got promising credentials with the likes of Andy Partridge from XTC giving him kudos and musical it has something going for it, perhaps a touch underproduced in the vocal department and possibly not the best representation of his talent. ‘Your Loss’ struggles in the sense that it tries to cram too many pop clichés into its two minutes and fifty seconds. Still he might be worth a gander when he plays the V festival on the 18th and 19th of this month.

Scouting For Girls give me a pleasing return to form with their cheeky little ‘almost’ pub rock number. As far as indie pop trio’s go this lot sound like they’re having a laugh and give us some genuinely heartfelt yet light hearted lyrics. It’s only their first single as well, however if they can achieve an accomplished sound like this with their opening gambit then the future looks bright for them. ‘She’s So Lovely’ is out on the 3rd through Epic on a CD with two 7” formats to boot, make this a must have.

Whereas Scouting For Girls might have taken the more light hearted route we get a more earnest acoustic offering from Stephen Fretwell, jaunty acoustic guitars and clickety click percussion frame a careworn vocal that belies the fact that this young pup was born in 1981, not a bad effort but not something that would necessarily wedge itself between the ears but a passable way to spend just under three minutes. Once again this has a pencilled in release for the 3rd September with his album ‘Man On The Roof’ following on the 10th. I suspect he might be a good catch live so once again if you’re at T on the Fringe (17th Aug) or V festival (18th, 19th Aug) then you might want to nip along and have a listen to what he has to offer.

Shifting gear entirely and moving out of the acoustic flavoured world of the previous offerings the next track up is Mims with his single ‘Like This’. Slightly predictable with its moody drops and beats and morose tension laden synths loitering with little intent in the background. Add to this mix a slightly misogynistic lyric and the obligatory breathy female vocal for effect and you get an idea what this is about, sadly lacking in originality and quite frankly it bored the shit out of me. Still if you want to try it yourself it should be in your record emporium of choice on September 3rd through Angel Music Group.

That’s your lot for today folks, and jolly respectable most of it is as well. Hurrah!