Two big offerings for Christmas as part of this weekend’s Daylight festival at the Union Chapel (Saturday Dec 20th starting at 12:15), Glissando hail from Leeds and carry with them a rather large spacious sound, somewhat ominous and almost threatening in content. Tracks like ‘Into Sleep To Create A Flame’ have a distinctly organic flavour to them only to surprise you with punctuations of sparse noise. Slightly scary. Elsewhere songs like ‘Grekken’ layer fragile earnest vocals over melancholy piano, very involving for the listener as you find yourself picking at the detailed canvases they weave.

Digitonal take to the stage at 1pm, described as ‘Beautiful, cinematic electronica’ that is no small claim, combining gentle yet restless electronica with broad sweeping strings there is a wonderful intricacy to their music. In the space of a minute they can move a track through any number of permutations of light and shade. Absolutely spellbinding stuff and according to their website possibly the last chance to catch the band for a while while the various members embark on different projects. Unmissable.

As always the event is free and the doors open at midday.