This weekend sees the return of David Hurn to the Union Chapel (29th November, 12pm) for the latest instalment of the Daylight festival. Hurn brings a wealth of experience to the stage and his songs conjure a broad spectrum of emotive content , from the haunted melodrama of his 2008 single ‘The Man Who Stayed In Bed Forever’ to the warmer presentation of songs like ‘Jennifer’, the stories he creates have a compelling literary quality about them, very much the musical equivalent of a ‘page turner’. Excellent stuff.

Following David are Son Ver, once again no strangers to the Union Chapel, bringing their blend of soundtrack ambience to the stage at 1pm. The painstaking builds of songs like Roads make for pretty exquisite listening. They create slow burning journeys which offer the listener a wealth of ‘pin drop’ moments along the way. Their material is often beautiful with an air of suspense about it.

As always I’ve provided you links below to have a listen to both David and Son Ver’s offerings, and as ever the Daylight festival retains its free admission policy. Enjoy.