As far as labels go I’m rather fond of Eye Industries., pretty much because everything I have ever been sent I have liked (so far, so good). The latest release is no exception. ‘Another Dimension’ by Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay Dee should by rights be an uncomfortable prospect. The track takes elements of The Prodigy/The Beastie Boys and Crystal Waters and blends them into a cohesive whole.

It works as well, it is of course slightly cheesy but that does represent some of its allure with a solid borderline breakbeat backdrop and wholesale ‘Intergalatic’ rip off vocal line this does have some real potential.

Its the mixes which really spark things up though, Timmy Vegas reinterprets his own work with a housier slightly heavy footed reworking, Triple D meanwhile really puts the glad rags on the track with a loose funk bass led disco romp which should keep everyone in Essex happy. Tom Novy proves to be as ever a safe pair of hands when it comes to shifting everything left of centre. He goes for a somewhat twitchy sparse reworking which has lots of nice bits of minimal swooshes and swirls. He even provides a dub mix as well.

Bit of a floor filler this one, club heads will start hearing this one…ooh round about now…while it goes on general release on Jan 5th. Just in time for the goddawful New Year come down.