The Dufflefolks open this weekend’s (Dec 6th) Daylight Festival at the Union Chapel, armed with an endearing suite of loping playful grooves and toy like accompaniments, which at time superimpose light dreamlike synths over the top to great effect. It’s all rather delightful in a skittish effervescent kind of way. Trust me it doesn’t take long to see the appeal with this lot and anyone who can name a song ‘Al Gore Riddim’ gets my vote. As always I’ve provided a link below for you to check out their wares.

Onstage at 12pm.

Following on at 1pm is the return of Forestbrook, I absolutely loved their material last time and nothing at all has changed. Gorgeously warm and autumnal sounds, leading with sweeping sweet spot vocalisation and deft acoustic playing that is flavoured with the barest tinges of electronica. Sometimes they are forthright and strident with their material (Outsiders), sometimes fluidic and tinged with an air of mystery (Squirrel & Crow). Absolutely enchanting.

Onstage at 1pm

As always the event is free, bring yourself and bring a friend because the quality of the acts on offer remains first rate.