Not only is it winter but it’s very nearly Christmas! If you are prone to sensitive skin the new Optimale range is just what the doctor ordered if you’d like to banish the windswept (and over-indulged) look and create a beautiful smooth skin.

My skin always falls apart in the winter – it’s a combination of cold weather, central heating and too much partying. Avene Hydrance Optimale dropped through my letterbox at the right time. I had been out for a friend’s birthday and had come home very drunken at 4.00am. I slathered my face in Optimale Rich and went to bed. Three hours later (getting up for work – yawn) I noticed my skin was perfectly moisturised and soft!!!

I have been using it for the last three weeks and have noticed that my skin is radiant, feels soft and looks smooth and healthy. A friend who I haven’t seen for a few weeks complimented me the other day and mentioned how ‘clear and bright’ my skin looked. Not bad for someone who really should have a few more early nights!

There are 4 Hydrance Optimale creams: I’ve been using Optimale Rich UV (SPF20) for the day and Optimal Rich overnight. There is also Optimal Light UV (SPF20) and Optimal Light to choose from too, which are slightly lighter in texture and for normal to combination skins.

Hydrance Optimale contains ingredients that are similar to the proteins found in the eye that work to enhance moisture content and prevent moisture loss. These ingredients restore and stabilize the hydrolipidic film, seal moisture into the skin and diffuse Avene thermal spring water inside the skin for an incredibly hydrated finish. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants and conditions the skin for a smoother, younger-looking finish. The skin is left perfectly hydrated, supple, radiant, soft, comfortable and protected against sun and environmental damage.