This weekend (25th October) welcomes the intriguingly titled Gallery 47 to the Daylight festival, taking to the stage at 12:15. I only had the opportunity to listen to one song at his myspace page but ‘Himalaya’ really is a thing of beauty. Gentle acoustic melodies work in tandem with Jack Peachey’s vocal which illicits thoughts of the raw intensity that you might expect from the likes of Thom Yorke. One press review claimed he was a musician to be accompanied by a cup of tea, a loved one and a biscuit. Personally I think a musician like this deserves no distractions whatsoever. First rate.

1pm sees Julie McKee taking to the stage, have a quick listen to her material on her myspace page which illustrates a confident and self assured performer with a voice that will settle on your ear with ease. Interspersing elements of lounge music evident in the free and easy arrangements that swirl playfully around her vocal melodies (Angel Song being a prime example). While elsewhere songs like ‘Carousel’ illicit a sense of melancholy which is held in place with a deliberating jazz accompaniment. Very accomplished stuff indeed.