Grace Solero kicks off the latest Daylight show this weekend (4th Oct) at the Union Chapel, an interesting prospect as well. If you listen to the representative material on her myspace page (link below) you will find a strong rock vocalist borne aloft on dense seas of guitar work (have a listen to her song ‘Apartheid’ for an example). However for this weekend’s set she will be scaling back to play an acoustic set which bodes well as a showcase for her vocal talent. She will be performing songs from her second album ‘New Moon’. Grace is on stage at 12:15pm

Fans of folk and acoustic will be suitably appeased by the presence of J Eoin onstage at 1pm, taking time out from producing his new album. What we have here is a storyteller following in the best traditions of folk music, with an impressive resume behind him (touring with Clannad and Scullion). Have a listen to ‘Captain Black’ on his myspace page, impressive stuff.