Another night, another inevitable eviction (or two in this case) with one of the candidates being an obvious contender while the other…well, lets just say I wasn’t expecting. Jo O’Meara was always going to be a favourite, now the turmoil surrounding Jade has died away in the same manner that piranhas vanish when there they’ve picked the bones clean there is a new tabloid victim waiting in the wings to get her comeuppance, its rather like watching the build up to the main event which in this case will be Danielle when she gets the boot.

Unlike Jade who if anything loiters behind a veneer of urbane stupidity there was always something about Jo which suggested that for the most part she knew exactly what was going in the house, with a face that made me think of Les Dawson when he was hanging over the back wall with Roy Barraclough in the seventies she was it seems little more than a professional whiner. A young woman who had a shot at the limelight in a successful if not credible teen band. While most would be grateful for the success she seemed keen to harp on about the hardships it had brought her. A scowling caustic attitude that set the tone for how the public would perceive her. Her background role in “Shilpagate” might not have been as vocal as Jade’s or even Danielle’s for that matter but there is little doubt that she was at least responsible for the string pulling in the background (and lets be fair here, Jade’s strings are not only brightly coloured but they are intrinsically easy to pull). When she became vocal about her housemates she was generally unpleasant and regardless of whether you think the whole affair was racially motivated or not her diatribes against Shilpa could definitely be perceived that way.

Post eviction she sat with Davina McCall who once again should be credited for not giving one of her trademark “easy interviews”. Yet even when confronted with the evidence of her wrong doings she showed little remorse for her actions. At least Jade had the decency to do that. Could this show have made her one of Big Brother’s most disliked contestants ever, well lets just say Nasty Nick Bateman would be considered an angel in comparison.

The other evictee was none other than Cleo Rocos, long touted as favourite to steal the crown. She was the matriarch of the house and if anything unseated her popularity it might have been her insistence of going “into character” for lengthy periods and her somewhat fraught relationship with Dirk (who incidentally seems to have ditched his ‘man on the edge’ persona and returned to the world of the warm and cuddly…for now). Leaving the house armed with hair by sticks of dynamite, its only a shame that her departure was overshadowed by the negativity of Jo’s and at this point its hard to say whether her career will enjoy a sudden resurgence as a result of the show.