Post Jade you would think that a lot of the tensions that were created by the whole “international race incident” would abate and a relatively harmonious existence would be the order of the day. Fat Chance.

Jade walked to the sound of silence, the crowds that normally bay at the gates were conspicuous by their absence. However in the interests of salving the troubled waters it was deemed a better idea to keep the mobs away. And judging by what has been going on that was clearly the wisest thing.

The weekend has been full of stills and live action footage of a snotty nosed Jade throwing herself to the wolves in a bid for absolution. And regardless of the rights and wrongs, she showed that somewhere in the background she’d been coached pretty well on what to say. Her toughest interview it would seem came courtesy of Dermot O’Leary and fair play to the guy, despite being in the employ of Channel 4/Endemol, he didn’t shy away from the issue and if anything gave Jade as tough a time as she deserved.

After this though the house briefly enjoyed a peaceful respite, the divided camps seem to have dissolved and merged into a whole again…mostly.

The focus right now seems to be Dirk, the cracks are appearing in his suave and debonair image and if anything he seems to be doing stuff that is going to get him evicted if he’s not careful. Odd behaviour abounds from him and his flirtations with Shilpa continue undiminished, however it’s when the shoe is on the proverbial other foot that things can get a little tricky.

Cleo and Dirk have some friction between them (and I’m not talking about the good kind). Her opinion of his flirting isn’t a good one and her latest tactic is to drop into her “brash cockney” character and give as good as Shilpa gets. The results ain’t pretty though, Dirk simmers and tells her in no uncertain terms to back off leading to Jermaine “man of peace” Jackson to step in and stop another war breaking out.

Of course he might genuinely not be as nice as we originally thought (and there is I suspect some issues with him). Or perhaps he has genuinely had enough and has decided its time for him to get out of the house and these are tactics that will get him nominated.

Who knows?