Aisleyn voted Mikey and Glyn
Glyn voted Susie and Richard
Imogen voted Richard and Jenni
Jenni voted Susie and Imogen
Mikey voted Susie and Jenni
Pete voted Imogen and Aisleyn
Richard voted Mikey and Imogen
Susie voted (after queuing) Mikey and Jenni

The nominations above are a result of what happens when the niceties of the “in house” relationships start to fall away (in a manner not dissimilar to Susie’s natural hair colour starting to sprout through at the scalp or perhaps Aisleyn’s arse drooping either side of her cheese wire pants).

This week the Big Brother house has been left on autopilot. BB has gone on his hols (to Margate for those that are interested) and left the house in an “automated state”. All interactions are handled through the diary room courtesy of a giant keypad that represents all that is bad about call centres, telephone queues and modern communications as a whole.

So in order to leave a diary room entry the housemate must press #1

In order to make a request the housemate must press #2

…You get the picture.

Coupled with the annoying voice that this Big Brother automated system has been using its no surprise that tempers have become slightly elevated and nobody seems immune from its effects. This in itself has become one of the show’s more subtle tasks. This method of communication has made for a less fluid relationship with Big Brother and although he is clearly still around the housemates (especially Aisleyn) are behaving as though “he” is actually away.

It also marks the end of any potential radar dodging that certain housemates have been engaging in. This week Imogen and Mikey are facing the public vote, proving if anything that people are now moving in for the kill. The end is in site, the likes of Lea and Nikki are truly history and those that are left have their eyes on the prize. Up with Imogen and Mikey are Susie and Jenni. A tough call if only because the voting public are proving difficult to second guess this year. But if I had to say anyone this week I would go with Jenni, for me she represents the face of “acceptable losses”. Not long enough established to miss and not possessing any specific qualities that should take her through to the next round. It is however interesting to note the sudden change in the way people have started to treat Mikey. Ok, he previously might have had enemies (Richard) but as a whole he has secured something of an alpha male role within the house. Only now the dominant females (Aisleyn and god forbid Susie) seem to be showing some capacity to standing up to him. Even Glyn has expressed some degree of conflict with him. I wonder if these are feelings that might spread outside the house and into the consciousness of the viewing public. Could Mikey’s cards be marked?

But lest you need reminding we’re still on SusieWatch and although the deterioration is relatively slow she is continuing to look rougher and rougher. Its akin to watching a stately home fall into disrepair, we start each day wondering just when the east wing is going to collapse. Now while its unlikely she’ll win there are still three weeks to go and dry rot can be a killer in this weather…

Stay tuned.