What a week.

The end of the Big Brother prison task and the promise of a double eviction. In the end despite the choices laid out for the voting public it could only truly come down to one pair to face the walk tonight and it was…

Michael and Spiral.

Essentially you could safely say it was Spiral’s actions that cemented his and Michael’s fate the other night with yet another display of his short temper against Aisleyn over a seemingly innocuous comment with regard to “licking curry off her naked body”. Spiral still smarting from the fact that she wouldn’t shag him if he she was dead managed to get into yet another argument with the ghetto princess. Of course she kept it real by going to pieces and bursting into tears again (a tactic I suspect she is using in an effort to stay in the house using the old sympathy ploy).

While Spiral has made a complete tool of himself on a number of occasions it was this last petulant outburst that really did seal his fate. The boy simply doesn’t take rejection and well and this time his primadonna sulk obviously proved more than the public could take.

I’m not indicating that Michael was blameless in garnering the vote either. His crowing “alpha male” speech made after the roles of prisoners and wardens were selected was not only grossly inaccurate but made him look particularly stupid. Here is a boy who gets by thinking there’s a lot more to him than there actually is. Yes the public voted and on this occasion it was a choice that was to be applauded.

Elsewhere it had been an interesting twenty four hours with Pete and Richard swapping places as prisoner and warden and the secret task of guarding the roman spa being successfully completed. The prisoners then got their rewards in the form of letters from their loved ones. Now call me cold hearted but this lot shed a monsoon of tears over a few hastily scribbled lines from family and friends. Once again Aisleyn saw fit to throw her hand to her forehead and pull a Gwyneth like Oscar weep fest when she heard the news from home. Not a moment for anyone with a weak stomach.

In fact the trembling lips, wistful glances for the cameras and altogether red eyed performances were little short of nauseating. The only one who seemed to come out of the whole shebang was Pete who by virtue of becoming a warden lost the privilege of a personal message. As the others copped for their “emotional” correspondence he stood silently with a jaw as firm as Action Man and in a manner that reminded me of a Captain going down with his ship…so very British sir, and for that we salute.

Glyn’s parents mentioned in their letter that it seemed odd to be penning words to their son in English. Here we discovered just where the lad gets his rabid national pride (on the end of a stick emblazoned with the words “you are Welsh, you are Welsh, you are Welsh” anyone?).

Imogen’s letter from home was…boring. (Dear Imogen, we love you dearly and look forward to the day you come round…from your coma, babe!). Spiral meanwhile had no real need to get upset about his correspondence. He’s only been away from home for a few weeks, I’ve gone to the shops and taken longer.

Still in conclusion tonight got rid of some more dead wood. And although it means we have to endure Imogen’s absence of personality for another week we do get to see Susie looking more and more like wreckage with the passing of another seven days (and she got her first bollocking tonight from housemate Mikey…although it was crap).

The next week should see things return to a semblance of normality (well, you know what I mean). Back to single evictions and more than likely a more pedestrian task. Stay tuned.