She came, she saw, she got evicted from the little house and into the big one. She burped, she farted, she broke the rules and cost the housemates their immunity from eviction, their food and their hot water privileges.

All this and more could have been the contributing factors towards her eviction tonight. Up against Richard it would seem that the public might have been facing a tough call. In the end though it seems her misdemeanours were enough to get her the push and spare The Teflon Queen for another week.

Of course if anything this does mean the house is going to be a little quieter from now on. People have been building bridges in the house over the last couple of days, most notably Richard and Michael however conflict merchants can still bank on Mikey as a potential thorn in his side.

Its been quiet for the rest of the house as well this week. Imogen of course rarely contributes anything. While Aisleyn seems to have settled into a deputy leadership role in the house, covert manipulation being the order of the day. Pete appears to be returning from his personal “dark days” following the loss of Lea and Nikki so hopefully he might recapture some of the form that made him such a favourite in the earlier stages of the show. The presence of Spiral seems to have given Glyn a new comrade in arms. Both are young, both seem woefully inexperienced with women (someone tell them the fairer sex aren’t simply put on this earth to play spin the bottle) and both are seriously horny.

Jenni however has become something of a radar dodger, her early promise has been swamped by the presence of the other housemates. Potentially I think its her age that works against her in this environment. Add to this the fact that she seems to be constantly seeking Aisleyn’s approval (“are we OK?” every five minutes…oh dear).

Next week promises a double eviction, this folks is the start of the final phase. Whittling down the numbers in a move toward the end, and from this point avoidance tactics will no longer guarantee anyone security.

Finally, a request. I’m going to do something of an about turn in the “who I want out” stakes. I request that Susie stays in, Its not that she offers anything of intrigue or excitement but the fact that her well groomed fa?ade is starting to rapidly fade in a manner reminiscent of the witch melting at the end of The Wizard of Oz. The skin is looking decidedly leathery, the roots are starting to show and the hair as a whole is taking on a straw like quality. With five weeks to go just what lengths will she go to in a bid to maintain her vim and vigour. Will she crouched over the beds of her fellow housemates of a night, draining their blood in an effort to recapture that long dwindled spark of youth.

Wait and see.