Aisleyne voted Jayne and Richard.
Glyn voted Susie and Jayne.
Imogen voted Richard and Jayne.
Jayne voted Aisleyne and Imogen.
Jenni voted Micheal and Jayne.
Michael voted Jenni and Richard.
Mikey voted Richard and Susie.
Pete voted Spiral and Michael.
Richard voted Aisleyne and Spiral.
Spiral voted Jenni and Richard.
Susie voted Michael and Spiral

Almost predictable this week boys and girls, it seems the housemates are going to keep chipping away at Richard until he loses his grip and falls. However I don’t think that is going to be this week, Jayne stands against him. Armed with a multitude of indiscretions to her name including being partially responsible for sealing Nikki’s fate, costing the housemates a decent meal and of course the prospect of regular hot water (not to mention pool privileges, a stupid liquidised meal for Glyn and doubtless others) Jayne should be public enemy number one.

At least that’s what you would think.

After last week I’m not pinning my colours to any mast. If voter’s logic is anything to go by Richard will go. He’s a long term player who has the capacity to be something of a wind up merchant. Whereas Jayne is something of a one trick pony (two if you count the farts that accompany the burps). I’m bored of her, she can go now.

Elsewhere I was surprised Spiral didn’t catch more votes on account of his “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” act (that’s true, he comes across as someone who gets his kicks fronting out women (Jenni might be a chirpy scouser but she’s only two feet tall), oh and he takes rejection badly.

Pete is so quiet since Nikki left he’s in danger of becoming a radar dodger while Susie is starting to take on the colouring of the welsh dresser that siblings squabble over at the reading of a will. And will someone please make Imogen fucking do something, I’m losing the will to live over here.

Thankfully we still have Glyn. His attempts to make porridge and subsequently almost set fire to the kitchen were noteworthy, add to this the fact that he is still building in confidence (and his desire to play spin the bottle is undimmed, the guy is like a cork waiting to pop) and we have someone who is just about making a quiet week bearable.

Oh and as for Aisleyne, how she has changed. Gone is “da ghetto princess”, replaced by a bleach blonde martyr who never wastes an opportunity to winsomely place her hand to her head to “spare a thought for those who’ve gone” and say things like “how can we all be larfin’ when we might just have put one of our friends up for nomination”. Never before in the history of Big Brother 2006 has the phrase “in it to win it” been more appropriate. Hey Ash, we know what you’re doing.

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