Just when you think Big Brother has left it too late in the day another proverbial spanner has been thrown in the works.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here folks, with it being Friday the first order of business is eviction. This Friday saw another double exit and the first result was more of a surprise for the housemates than the voting public.

First out was Mikey, this was a week that saw him go from relatively mild mannered scouser to walking talking fight merchant. His arguments with Glyn, Jenni, Susie and Aisleyn served to cast him as this week’s villain of the piece. Seasoned viewers will know by now just how quickly public opinion can turn on a housemate and this was demonstrated tonight when the former “safe bet for the final week” was booted from the house.

Second out was Susie, after a few weeks of consecutive radar dodging the shameless “wannabe presenter” got her marching orders as well. The housemates will now be forced to make their own tea from now on and hopefully without her overbearing “lets play mother” antics the house might hopefully loosen up a little more. The interviews were innocent enough although Davina did seem to take pleasure in highlighting Susie’s inability to let her hair down.

But that’s not the main gossip of tonight’s show…

The secret house is making a comeback. And this time its about to be repopulated with familiar stock. The voting public are getting the chance to vote four ex housemates back into the game. Yes, you can do the right thing and right previous wrongs by bringing back the likes of Nikki (who…is…she). Or perhaps you would like to see the unfulfilled romance between Mikey and Grace continue. Or maybe your Big Brother experience has been somewhat unfulfilled since you said goodbye to the walking fart machine Jayne. Maybe you want to see Lisa chain smoke her way through another week in the house or Susie make even more tea. Perhaps the site of Lea and “her boys” or Michael and his undecided campness are what you want to see more of, that’s down to you.

You won’t however see Shahbaz (he walked), or Dawn (she was thrown out for rule breaking) and Sezar and Bonnie are both absent from the line up for “legal reasons” (I won’t say anymore I would hate to see a lawsuit dumped on 020.com, so I’ll stick with Davina’s quote there).

The voting starts now (with the proceeds going to charity) and the chosen four will head back into the secret house on Tuesday.

Over to you.