Now hold on just one cotton pickin’ minute oh voting public! would someone just explain to me what you done?

This was a week where everyone bar Jayne was up for eviction. A week where the voting public could have truly steered the course of the show. Your opportunities to weed out the weak and uninteresting housemates would never be greater.

So what does Joe Public do? He/She unceremoniously boots out Nikki.

As far as voting decisions go this one should be considered something of a faux pas. Sure, Nikki had the potential to be a royal pain in the arse, her paranoia was quite frankly off the scale. Her temper was nothing short of Herculean in stature and watching her eat brought back memories of the Touch? Turtle cartoons of the seventies. However it was all these negative traits that made her the character she was and make no mistake she was arguably the biggest character in the house.

So tonight the house lost one of its biggest movers and shakers. And looking at the reactions of both Davina and later Russell on the Big Mouth show it seemed clear that they were as surprised as everyone else that she was heading for the door. The bookies it seems were the only ones who held firm in their belief that she would be the one taking the long walk this week. Personally I would have bet the farm (not that I own one you understand, I have no skills with livestock) that she would have been safe till the final night. So I guess what we are looking at here is potentially the show’s biggest upset in this series.

Nikki it seems was equally shocked by her departure, as her name was called her mouth hung open like a trap door. And when it came to actually taking the long walk she was quite obviously overcome to the point where Davina had to drag her down the steps to get her into the post eviction interview.

Still once she found her feet she gave great press, doing her usual trick of rapidly cycling thorough a gamut of emotions (from smiles, to anger, to sadness in the breadth of a couple of sentences) she proved that even out of the house she might just be the ditzy girl with anger management problems. I have to pity any potential boyfriend material that is waiting for her on the horizon because I suspect she would be what is known as high maintenance.

But where does this leave the house in her absence.

A lot quieter for sure.

Her departure left her fellow housemates genuinely shocked (although I suspect Ashleyn might secretly be glad she’s gone). Some tried to reassure her by saying she might be going into the secret house or potentially going to Australia in an exchange with Big Brother’s Oz counterpart (obviously someone has been scouring the web for rumours). Tears were shed and the house will definitely seem emptier without her presence.

So now we are left with the likes of radar dodgers such as Imogen (speciality moves : saying babe a lot) and Susie (speciality moves : making tea, denying her own bodily functions) for excitement. Then of course there is Jayne (speciality moves : opening mouth without engaging brains first). It seems we are going to need other housemates to step up to plate and fill Nikki’s shoes.

The residents now face a week on basic rations thanks to Jayne’s inability to keep her jaws from flapping and I suspect this will leave her wide open for nomination in the week ahead and judging by public sentiment if she is up, she will be the one to face the chop.

But saying that, what do I know?

Keep watching…