Today’s nominations were of no shock to at least one of the candidates. With only Golden Girl Susie being the only housemate capable of casting a vote this week there was a sense of inevitability about at least one housemate’s fate.

Yes folks, this week’s nomination smackdown is between Grace and Nikki.

A somewhat contentious affair this week as well considering the introduction of Susie into the house has ruffled feathers not just in the compound but on the outside as well. Allegations of a rigged vote have been all over the press like a rash and some have considered the idea of Susie in the house and giving her the vote as a trifle unfair. After all her outside knowledge gives her an insight into the housemates which means she can vote in a tactical fashion the other housemates don’t have the luxury of doing.

Big Brother asked her to vote based upon her opinions of her new companions considering only the time she has spent in the house with them. Now I ask you, how on Earth is that possible? Unless BB had the ability to magically erase any exposure to the show she has had since it began there was always going to be a little bit of the outside influence creeping in somewhere along the line.

The reaction of course was always going to provide entertainment. Both girls took the news badly. Nikki of course put on a fireworks display even worthier than some of her previous efforts. Histrionics, bizarre pointing rituals in the diary room and referring to Susie as “it” in that interesting vocal style we have all come to know and love was only touching the surface.

Before the day was out there was an unhealthy dose of passive aggressive behaviour that of course split the house (again) with Grace and Nikki stealing Susie’s champagne and drinking it in the bathroom assisted by Lisa whose threats of violence towards other housemates are becoming a regular occurrence (“what do you want me to do to her?”). And at some point I suspect she has the potential to make them a reality.

Lea meanwhile balanced on the fence (tricky I know), while Pete and Glyn appeared dismayed at this fresh round of St Trinian’s style behaviour. Aisleyn continued to do her unconvincing “ghetto” impersonations and Richard could see precious little because his head was wedged so far up the new girl’s rear it could be a while before he experiences daylight.

He did however threaten to “get involved” if the situation got any worse, doesn’t that just make you all feel you can sleep safer in your beds. I mean Susie must be thrilled to have Richard of the many faces and Aisleyn of the swimming pool hair watching her back. Kind of like hiring Laurel and Hardy as bodyguards.

Mikey meanwhile was keeping a low profile, apart from the bit when he was copping off with Grace in the swimming pool. Probably a case of making hay while the sun shines. Ah, young lust…ain’t it grand.

By Friday anything other than the long walk for Grace would be a major upset. Her negative reaction from the crowd on the night Susie entered the house was a pretty good indication that she might just be one of the most unpopular housemates of all time. And unlike Jade Goody who started out in the same boat it doesn’t look like there is going to be a last minute reprieve with the tabloids pulling an about turn in their attitudes towards her. Unfortunately for Nikki her behaviour isn’t doing anything for her long terms prospects in the house. It would be a good idea if she started thinking ahead more than ten seconds at a time while she is in this vulnerable position.

The remainder of this week looks like it could get fiery, with one of the potential departees leaving their mark upon the house. Personally I would like to see Grace survive if only for the upset value it would cause (although Nikki would be missed). There is of course still potential for someone to walk and I mention that mainly because Pete no longer seems to be having a good time in the house. And in his own words he has achieved what he set out to do (raise Tourette’s awareness apparently). Coupled with the fact that his relationship with Lisa continues to flatline and Lea is clinging to him like a limpet, could he surprise us all and go out through the backdoor?