Kicking off the latest singles round up with the hotly tipped VV Brown, ‘Shark In The Water‘ shows an immense promise on all fronts, its a lithe clash of styles opening with a driving acoustic line that makes you think ‘yep, summer’s arrived this is a bit of a pop tune’ before lunging into a meatier hook laden chorus with a really punchy vocal that Brown carries off effortlessly. A perfect lead single for an album that is already being touted as one of the offerings of 2009. There’s a really nicely shot video to accompany it as well. After a trying week of listening to bad things this was a much needed tonic. The single is out June 8th.

Sadly the latest track from Soulja Boy undoes all Ms Brown’s sterling work, once again I find myself sat in front of a pair of speakers sorrowfully shaking my head as another syrupy cliche laden lump of ringtone friendly crap/rap drifts past. Its called ‘Kiss Me Through The Phone’ and everything about it represents a level of child like simplicity that simply doesn’t work if you are older than….eight. Right from the annoying squeaking backing to the ‘by the numbers’ delivery. This was a number one in America, someone should tell Obama to address his Homeland Music Crisis.

Next up is Nara with her new single ‘Rhythm’ and I have to ask two questions…

1. Why was I sent this?
2. Why did anyone let this out of a recording studio?

Imagine an aged relative being let loose with a mic and a tape deck after a heavy drinking session a bad dye job and what looks like cosmetic surgery (to my eyes you understand, this is just what I see and my opinions do not reflect those of this website…but seriously kids, she looks like a melted welly). Basically someone has got a hold of one of those crap Yamaha keyboards and setup the default ‘Bontempi Beats’ rhythm and just gone nuts. This is all kinds of bad and just when I thought standards couldn’t slip any further…

Finally we have the latest single from The Veronicas and kudos to them for the ‘shiniest package of the week’ award’, it presented something of a challenge to actually open the bugger. Its a fizzy little pop song that combines big chunky strings and agitated buzzsaw guitars and a vocal that starts out slightly weak…but actually does get stronger as the song goes on. Between you and me, this could be a bit of a guilty pleasure despite being offered for the teen market. There’s hooks in here that could just about stick if you give the track a chance. If I gave a shit about the charts I would probably say this might get a placing, but hey…what do I know. Its out May 25th