Soulja Boy is a name that is apparently high profile in the States courtesy of his opening single ‘Crank That’ which not only has hit the coveted top spot in the American chart but also spawned a dance which premiership footballers now adhere to when they score a goal.

That in itself is no indication of quality, after all premiership footballers are hardly the benchmarks of taste.

His album ‘Tell Em’ seems largely based around the ‘Crank That’ ethos in terms of being something of a novelty piece. Yes, it is all incredibly ringtone friendly and the teen somethings will lap this up in droves but it would seem the album has ruffled feathers in more credible circles of US hip hop.

The reason is simple, every song on the album is basically a party style chant delivered in a lazy laconic style that rapidly becomes tiresome and then after that becomes irksome.

Production wise, there are some interesting points but alas the content itself doesn’t fare well under even the lightest scrutiny.