Starting today’s little round up with the return of Taio Cruz, his next single ‘Break Your Heart’ out on September 14th is another slice of marginally soulful synthpop which has aspirations to cross the Timberland/Timberlake boundaries. On paper such imitation might not sound like the best of plans but in this instance it becomes something of a guilty pleasure. Yes, the originators might do this kind of thing with greater aplomb but once again Taio manages to deliver something that has a certain pop effervescence and the all important hook in a conveniently radio friendly package.

Staying in that slightly cloying contemporary pop vein The Veronicas return (September 20th) with another slice of light but punchy guitar pop, armed with slightly teased and torn close harmonies this isn’t bad but its drenched with the sound of modern and glossy America. In fact if I were Pink I would be suing the arse off these two because this song blatantly knocks off one of her more recent numbers (U + Ur Hand).

There are remixes for this one as well, Jason Nevins gives you a reheated morning after chinese meal of a mix, which has all the fucking grace of a clod hopping donkey falling downstairs. Cicada make a decent enough effort though, stripping the track right back and sexing things up with a superbly elasticated bassline which should do the trick on the dancefloors. Full marks however to Jakwob however who really knows what he is doing with a female vocal, not as choppy as his other mixes and if anything he is showing a little more restraint than usual but before long the sweetly cooed vocal lines give way to a swooping bass that would knock cows in fields over. Tasty tasty!

Next up is some bloke called Slimy with his opening single ‘Wake Up’ (out Sept 21st), fucking rubbish it is as well. Some trendy wendy has lifted his/her nose out of the chang trough long enough to give this loser a quick crack of the whip. Child like but not in that talented yet vulnerable way, more like the “I’ve filled my nappy” way . Its like the theme tune to a kids TV programme but not a good one. I was in a good mood till I heard this…a proper day ruiner.

Thanks a fucking lot.