There’s a lot of noise in the air about VV Brown right now, one of the BBC’s vaunted top ten for 2009 her eagerly anticipated single ‘Leave!’ is out on March 2nd through Island Records (not to mention the support slot on The Ting Tings forthcoming UK tour).

As singles go its like going back to the late 1950’s with relatively modern recording equipment and getting some feisty young lady to slap you in the face then coming home before the sting of her palm has subsided. Its a very strident (dare I say almost novelty based) affair, with a tasty choppy piano break and cooing girl choruses while VV gets all enthusiastic on the mic. I feel like I should like this more than I do, but I have reservations…well primarily one. The production sounds muddy leaving VV sounding almost like she’s underwater, one can only hope this isn’t the case for the rest of her material because with a bit more polish this could have been so much better.

Esser meanwhile returns with his third single, I was almost worried that the golden touch he has employed so far might have left him. However I should have had more faith in the lad. Esser proves he’s no one trick pony. Retaining a suitably infectious charm for this outing he leaves behind the ‘almost ska’ trappings of his previous singles and employs a decidedly more electronically washed backdrop for this outing (aspects of early eighties video games spring to mind for this one). There’s also a respectable slew or remixes on offer as well from the likes of Sinden and Very Best.

Out on February 23rd through Transgressive. Very worthy indeed.