May 18th sees the release of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ the latest from resident jack of all trades (MC/producer/actor) Bashy. The track features Toddla T so expect plenty of action in the track’s bottom end with trademark swooping basslines and crunchy beats. Immediate and infectious and a pretty decent prelude to his album ‘Catch Me If You Can’ which is out on June 1st.

Elsewhere Adam Freeland’s new band take to the stage at the The O2 Complex for The Remix All Nighter tomorrow night (15th May), Freeland is already known as one of the UK’s most prolific producers and remixers and a stalwart of the Eddy Temple Morris Remix show on XFM. Here he will be showcasing tracks from his latest album ‘Cope’ which will be out on 9th Jun on Marine Parade

Next up is Carolina Liar an oddly named pop rock outfit with to the best of my knowledge nobody in the band called Carolina. They do have a singer who looks like Jesus though, and while the single isn’t my usual cup of tea it does have a very strong pop sensibility with a hook that many would give their teeth for. I didn’t dislike it.

The same could be said for the latest from The Days who release their perennially inoffensive single ‘Never Give Up’ this week (out now kids). Armed with a decent video (link below) this might just have the potential to be a future earworm if exposed to it for long enough.