What is there to say about the Pussycat Dolls that hasn’t been said already, you’ve got the four anonymous ones who look like painted hookers whose primary job it would appear is to appear in bendy positions on the sleeves of their records. Just like the dolls that kids play with this lot appear to have empty heads and limbs that are bendable and posable.

Then you have the lead singer who now gets a lead credit (which means she is probably about to leave and start a solo career). You know which one I mean, she looks like a sun dried tomato wearing pants and a wig.

Anyhow enough of the introductions, the fates (or promo people as I generally know them) have chosen to send me ‘Doll Domination – The Mini Collection’, one can only wonder what they expected me to do with this when they dropped it in the post.

This is a decidedly odd little affair, as you may (or may not) know ‘Doll Domination’ was the last album by this bunch, but this is a re release ‘deluxe edition’ edition. But here’s the rub…you get less tracks here than you did with the original. Perhaps it should be re labelled ‘Stupid People Edition’ because if you have the misfortune to own the original the only reason you would want this is because of the ‘new material’ which isn’t technically that new because some of it has already been released as a ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ cash in…sorry single.

So to conclude what you get here is a fat free version of ‘Doll Domination’ but even when you trim away the excess bloat from the original album you are still left with five girls who are essentially soft porn wank fantasies for ‘wrong’ people performing by the numbers pop songs that have more than likely been tweaked, tucked and pinched by humongous amounts of studio technology and trickery.

One feels inclined to ask that if this bunch are allegedly role models for an up and coming generation of young girls (and believe me, those are not my words) then why oh why would all concerned feel the need to rip off their young and gullible audience so shamelessly.

This is a crime against music.