Where there is warm weather there is often thunder following right behind, rather apt as we enjoy a somewhat sporadic summer. I mention thunder because Little Sparta who take to the stage this Saturday (19th July) have a knack of summoning a somewhat ominous air about them with some of their material. Their myspace tag has them listed as “melodramatic popular song”, they aren’t kidding either have a listen to ‘Achmed The Witch’ for it’s weighted doom laden drums, rumbling across the back while upfront is the mournful sheen of a violin takes pride of place.

My favourite moment from them however comes courtesy of their collaboration with Sally Timms (who wields a vocal that reminds me in places of Kirsty MacColl) and it proves they can step up off the pensive material and allow the listen to get swept up in slight tinges of bluegrass and country. Elsewhere they mix their musicality with some nice careworn spoken word material (Stale Intrigues), there’s a dynamic to this lot that should carry them well at the Chapel.

Coming up at 1pm is Rothko, a real treat as well, get ready for some pin drop moments. Making as much use of the space between as the sounds themselves, melodic guitar work weaves gently throughout and if you listen to tracks like ‘Give Every Thing’ and ‘Truth Burns’ then you will see an act that really know how to illicit a gentle ambience that becomes all pervasive