Daylight festival bring Ecosonic to the stage at 12.30 pm this Saturday.

Stephen Preston & Eva Prat Caballero – baroque flute: Thomas Gardner &
Laura Reid – cello

Ecosonics grew out of Stephen Preston’s research into birdsong as a
basis for new techniques and improvisational forms, particularly on
the baroque flute. Birdsong is an inspiringly rich source of sonic
ideas and forms: for example, birds that sing in duet are key models
for duo performances. Ecosonic improvisation explores relationships
between sound, movement and emotion, music as sonic communication.
Ecosonics is evolving in the context of the Ecosonic Ensemble, through
work on duetting with Eva Prat Caballero. (baroque flute); and with
cellists Laura Reid and Thomas Gardner, whose focus as an
electroacoustic composer is on the body/instrument relationship and
the influence of interpersonal communication between players.

The Ouija Board is a new group instrument, developed by the
electroacoustic composer, Thomas Gardner. As its name suggests the
instrument is modelled on a Ouija board and is played through the hand
movements of the performers drawing forth sounds in response to group
gestures. The Ouija Board is an interface which reflects the
relationships between the performers, it comes from a consideration of
the expressive needs of a group of people making music, and these give
rise to its form.