Rosa was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when Rui met her.

Well ok, she was a barmaid more than waitress and it was a pub rather than a cocktail bar, but ‘you were working as a barmaid in a pub when I met you’ isn’t the opening line from any 80s electro pop classics. Working together as part of the original Boomclick project, Rui Teimao and Rosa Fernandez released a clutch of singles, including the sunshine hit ‘Follow Love’ and the epic ‘High Tide’, and Rosa featured on the highlight tracks from the critically acclaimed ‘Halfway Between Tomorrow and Yesterday’ – Boomclick’s debut/farewell album.

When Boomclick split, Rui and Rosa spun off as Boomclick Soundsystem – continuing to write, record and play live. Two years down the line, and the some of their hazy memories include festival appearances at The Big Chill, Bestival, Minichill – as well as live sets all over London and the UK, with their first EP coming any day now via Tunetribe. You’ll also spot their name on remix projects including Animat’s sublime ‘Tread Water’ and Canada’s Upstairs Recording.

The sound? In a nutshell – epic ambienthiphoprockhousebrokenbreakbeat ballads – all rumbling bass, electronic fireworks, soaring vocals, slippery beats, broken hearts & Jack Daniels. For the Daylight at Union Chapel set, they’re leaving most of the beats at home and performing site-specific arrangements of tracks old and new.