Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the remote control and heading back into the pastures of normal television viewing along comes the summers reality television’s cohorts aiming for that last gasp of fame before the bubble bursts and they are dragged back into the depths of obscurity once more.

The most likely candidate for “her own series” was always going to be Nikki Graham who entertained and annoyed the nation (your mileage may vary) over the summer on Channel 4’s Big Brother. Renowned for tantrums of almost cosmic proportions this was a girl who defied normal behaviour by displaying a temper that could get most kids grounded and some adults arrested.

So in the best tradition of Channel 4’s upstart sibling E4 they decided to give her a show all of her own. Straight away they are going to be playing to her strengths by placing her in environments where sparks and friction are to be the order of the day.

The general idea is to give Nikki a job, those who have already seen her in action will know that this is one individual who might not necessarily gel with the traditional work ethic. So far she has been a model/dancer and has categorically stated that she “wants to marry a footballer”. Hardly the best credentials for a lifetime of selfless ambition and granite hard graft.

Of course an ordinary job would be potentially testing but when you make the job something as outlandish as a fisherman on a trawler in the middle of the ocean or a job working on the bins you can see where things might start to become a little charged to say the least.

It is of course all highly reminiscent of the US Paris Hilton vehicle ‘The Simple Life’ and while Nikki might not come from the same money there have already been comparisons made between the two of them (spoilt airheads is one phrase that has been bandied around).

Either way it promises to be popcorn television at least for a short while. The trouble with Nikki as we have already seen is she knows what she is. And when she starts “acting her own role” that’s when things become a little tedious. It’s a little like trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

Princess Nikki starts on E4 on the 6th September at 22:00.