Starting Monday with a baby clutch of tracks, I kick off with the lead single ‘Happy As Can Be’ from the same titled EP from Cut Off Your Hands out on October 20th through sixsevennine. As a single goes it’s strangely ethereal with a soaring vocal underpinned by a galloping suite of drums. I was quite frankly perplexed, I didn’t expect anything quite so…joyous. Now, I do really need to sit down…the word joyous and me seldom go together. Nonetheless, its very good indeed and it receives a round of applause from this quarter.

Keane are back with their new single ‘The Lovers Are Losing’ also out on the 20th. This lot have provided the odd guilty pleasure in the past but this is lipless gummy pop that has a lot of sheen and gloss but sadly no substance. It only took me just over a minute to tire of this, God…its almost like they want to be Queen or something…nice sleeve though.

Wiley returns following his ringtone tastic smash ‘Wearin’ My Rolex’ bucking the trend for lightning striking twice. His new single ‘Summertime’ might be a touch on the late side but armed with this heavyweight Daft Punk sample and first rate delivery lyrically this track lands with a ton of weight and even in its radio form it could do some damage on the dancefloor.

Once you stick a Crookers remix into the equation with their stylistic dark fat synth sound and the chop and dice approach to melody things get even more interesting. For me their mixes are never the most immediate but they do grow on you. Often full of little hidden surprises, they don’t disappoint. Bart B More delivers respectably as well with a clicky steppy mix that is shrouded in delicious synths and filter drawn string sweeps. While David E Sugar’s Dusty Needle mix reapproaches the track with a less urban/more house kind of vibe. Lovely. A cracking single with a first rate mix pack behind it. Out on the 13th.