Today sees another couple of singles.

…and what a difference a day makes.

Wiley comes first with his heavyweight collaboration with Daniel Merriweather. It’s got a more organic feel than it’s predecessors which makes it a touch less infectious but a decent enough single in it’s own right. Like almost everything on the planet right now the production comes courtesy of Mark Ronson but dont worry, he’s took a break from the brass sections and gone decidedly heavy on the low end drums which compliment Wiley’s almost guttural elasticated raps and provide a good contrast with Merriweather’s capacity to soar in the vocal department.


Next is Paramore’s new single ‘Decode’ out on December 8th taken from the soundtrack to the ‘Twilight’ movie. Paramore have proven to be dependable bunch. This single like their others runs true to a formula. Hayley Williams can sweep up and down the vocal register like a new broom while the rest of the band thunder away in the background giving us one of those epic dramatic backdrops that a good band can squeeze into just over four minutes.

I approve.

…see I’m not always such a grouchy sod.