Someone out there is looking to instil a musical guilty pleasure on the world in the shape of the new release by Crazy Cousinz featuring Calista. Nobody would ever admit to liking this, with it’s repetitive ‘I like to play my bongos in the morning’ refrain (don’t we all). Strip away the vocal though and you have some quite firm beat work shoring things up at the back and while it might have missed the boat for cheesy anthem of the summer it might stick around and make a late play as an Essex (or Barnsley, he said being a man of North/South equality) club favourite. it’s available in a variety of mixes, some work a little better than others (JC’s Electro mix is very ‘now’, would have been nicer as a dub though). Cheerful disposable dance music for drunk people, there are worse things I suppose. Out on the 13th October courtesy of Pickwick/Defenders LOS

Also out on the 13th is the new single courtesy of Natty, a nicely produced light pop reggae track with a restrained vocal that grows on you in approximately one and a half minutes. Everything about this track has a nice air of the subdued about it. Much better than I dared hoped, a worthy single and one that is actually deserving of the heavy rotation it will get from the radio stations.

Scouting For Girls meanwhile return with what feels like their millionth single, ‘I Wish I Was James Bond’ is another slice of their yearning for a lady style piano driven pop with their trademark off kilter vocal stylings that have become so twee that all it makes you want to do is punch the singer. Indie disco kids will probably shake a skinny leg to this during their collective fresher weeks. Radio 1 will wet themselves over it, the rest of the world will be suitably underwhelmed. It’s out on the 3rd November.