This weekend’s Daylight plays host to the ambient stylings of SonVer (onstage at 12pm), as always the calibre of music for this event is high and SonVer are no exception. Expect gentle soundscapes that build with gradients of intensity. Delicate pieces that make the listener feel they are using their own force of will to create their progression (have a listen to their unreleased track ‘Roads’ for a fantastic example of this, absolutely beautiful). There’s a certain sense of foreboding in other pieces though (Khat Show Host 06 being an example) and the songs lurk and prowl through their duration leaving you wondering what this lot found under their bed when they were children. Slightly dark and sinister but nonetheless highly impressive.

Digitonal take to the stage at 1pm and are a familiar prospect to many, well established in electronica circles with their ambient musical blends embossed with a real sense of classical melody and somewhat edgy beat work. You can have a listen to their material in advance at their myspace page (as always links are below) with such a fine body of work behind them this will undeniably be an excellent live prospect for the weekend.