Nelly Furtado has long been something of a doyen for reinvention, not necessarily in the obvious ways adopted by her popular peers such as Madonna but more in the musical sense. Her progression from feisty pixie like troubadour of quirky percussive songs and the odd stirring folk tinged pop ballad has more or less dropped away in recent years.

Her position in the mainstream has been cemented courtesy of a multitude of collaborations with the likes of Timbaland on her last album Loose. In terms of both image and music Furtado has taken on a more sexually charged role and in fairness it’s helped yield a quality album and so far this year a clutch of impressive singles which have kept her in the platinum selling territory.

It is pretty much par for the course when you have an album that treads such a successful path that you release a DVD of the subsequent tour. This DVD incorporates Nelly’s preparation for the tour in a somewhat staged manner showing her preparation courtesy of some filmed ‘impromptu’ footage. Nelly enthuses and smiles and does pretty much what is expected of her for the purpose of the disc. She does have a pretty nifty tour bus though.

When push comes to shove however and it’s showtime Nelly can deliver the goods. She’s armed with a tight band who rally through a set list that comprises largely of numbers from the last album but also takes in some of her earlier material (take heed of the particularly haunting rendition of ‘Try’ which has obviously becoming a lighter in the air moment for the fans).

There are some interesting rearrangements of familiar songs such as the slightly rocked up version of ‘Maneater’ (I was a bit unconvinced with Nelly’s guitar intro though, was she even plugged in?). Still that’s a minor quibble.

On the whole the DVD experience is slick and well performed and doubtless the audience got good value for money. Nelly has more or less left behind some of the eccentricities of yesteryear which did make her a more interesting prospect but nonetheless she has matured as a performer and that reflects with the obvious spit and polish in this set.

Nice pop stocking filler for Christmas.