The Rolling Stones.

God, they’re old.

However as someone once said ‘age shall not weary them’ although ‘climbing a coconut tree might result in head injuries for their lead guitarist’.
The mammoth touring machine that they have become rolls ever onwards and the band show no signs of hanging up their touring spurs just yet. As if to celebrate the fact they have a new live album due out released through Universal Music/Polydor. These days the expectancy of any new material from this bunch is slim, but such is their back catalogue they have laurels six feet deep to rest upon. The album accompanies the ‘Shine A Light’ concert movie that has been directed by Martin Scorsese.

You can expect all the classics like Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Paint It Black, Start Me Up and a couple of onstage collaborations (Loving Cup with Jack White and Live With Me which sees Jagger onstage with Christina Aguilera). They might be few years short of their coffins but it would seem that for now The Rolling Stones are destined to keep on rocking.

Meanwhile Snoop Dogg returns with the ‘Sensual Seduction’ on March 24th as a prelude to his ‘Ego Trippin’ release on March 31st. Yes, you’ve heard it on the radio, in its tamer version but never one to miss a bit of post watershed shizzle action. Snoop has the steamier titled ‘Sexual Eruption’. That’s not all, he’s only gone and drafted in the asymmetrically coiffured Robyn for the remix, as you can imagine she slaps an up and down the scale bunch of electronic wibbly wobbly noises all over the track. Ah well, why not.

Timbaland’s new single Scream featuring Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger is out this week as well by the way. Expect more Timbaland style clippety cloppety beats only this time with some women who aren’t as good as Nelly Furtado making shagging noises all over the top of it. You’ll hear worse but from a man of Timbaland’s credentials you should expect better. I mean the poor sod sounds positively subnormal on this one. About as sexy as meeting a man in a dark alley wearing the remains of a straight jacket.

Finally, let me close today with some more info on Clocks. Imagine if you could star in a video with them? Wouldn’t that just make you happier than a man who lives on Prozac mountain? (what do you mean…no). Well, to celebrate the release of their new single they have created a special video editing tool that enables you to be the face of their new single. All it requires is three photos and you can looks as classy as the young lady in the photo who sends me lots of nice things to review (take a bow Roz). The necessary links for you to grant yourself a kind of pseudo stardom that appearing in a video allows are available for your perusal below.