Solid and dependable might be apt words for some of this week’s round up of singles. Starting with Morrissey who releases “All You Need Is Me” on June 2nd. Its a decent enough release from the man who will soon be celebrating his 49th birthday and while it might not be up their with some of his halcyon material it is certainly worthy of your time and attention. The single will also feature exclusive new songs “My Dearest Love” and “Children In Pieces” as well as a cover of Bowie’s “Drive In Saturday” on the second 7”. He also makes his only UK live appearance as the headliner at the Wireless festival on July 4th. After this it will be back to the studio one might presume as a new studio album is pencilled in for an Autumn release. Moz it would seem is a busy man these days.

As are it would seem Elbow, “One Day Like This” is perhaps one of the strongest cuts from their last album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ not the most natural choice I would have thought for a single but it does work. The musical equivalent perhaps of coming out of hibernation and waking up to sunshine. Lovely stuff. There’s a lot of fuss being generated about the video as well, I don’t see the fuss myself, just some silly sod twirling a sign above his head. Toni Basil did it better with Pom Pom’s if you ask me. Still, don’t let that detract from this pretty little opus, like the Moz release this one is out June 2nd.

OneRepublic also have a single out on the 2nd and while I have to say ninety nine percent of their material leaves me cold enough for burial in this case there are little sneaky elements that just about have the capacity to pitch this one under my radar. With an opening vocal effect that reminds me of Sebastian Tellier’s recent Eurovision effort this is essentially Radio fodder for gormless daytime presenters, but I will say I have heard much worse. The flipside will be a cover of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’.

Keen eyed readers might remember me tearing chunks out of Flo Rida’s previous single, still it would seem he’s a tenacious bugger. This time teaming up with Timbaland who right now is one of the safest pair of hands in music. Musically this might as well be the demo mix of Madonna’s 4 Minutes, in that sense its not bad, bombastic synth brass, a beat track that many would die for and as always Timbaland himself is in the back making those weird little Tourettes noises. Lyrically, its forgettable by the numbers brag track. Who can say why they allow such piss poor rappers to the fore, stick with the instrumental kids. Its cheesey tastic. Out on June 23rd.

Leon Jean Marie releases ‘Bring It On’ on June 30th, sounding suspiciously like ‘Abracadabra’ by the Steve Miller Band. Its not his strongest single but its certainly no slouch. Pop synth with a somewhat lazy gait and cock sure vocal. Not bad at all, it does bode well for the album ‘Bent Out Of Shape’ on July 7th.