Our latest singles round up kicks off with Nelly Furtado once again mining from her smash album ‘Loose’. Six singles in and she maintains a deft pop touch with optional Missy Elliott mixes on the CD. As always she mixes sweet pop production and another sassy over easy vocal performance. Its getting to the point however where if you’ve missed the other singles you might as well buy the album because so much of it has been slung at the charts its starting to read like a premature greatest hits package. Decent song, not as good as her previous offerings though.

Will.I.am dons his production hat and lends his skills to Estelle’s new single ‘Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)’. Marrying his smooth and accomplished hip hop production style with Estelle’s slightly rough hewn London raps and soulful vocal style works nicely. With the right push this could be a chart savvy piece of action and undeniably a floor filler in the clubs. This serves as a worthy precursor to her album ‘Shine’ which should be in the shops next February. The single is out on November 19th preceded with a digital release on the 12th.

Girls Aloud summon together with their decidedly teen friendly video collection ‘Style’ out on DVD on the 12th November. While the superfluous extras merely shows the girls waxing lyrical about what makes them what they are as a band, its hardly rocket science but in fairness you do forget the amount of hits Girls Aloud have had and in here you get a neatly packaged 16 videos and there’s the odd guilty pleasure tucked away in here for some. Although I digress its not my cup of tea (although Sound Of The Underground was a toe tapper…even though it was about as underground as a cloud).

Finally fans of The Twang should now note the single “Push The Ghosts” is now out on the 26th November, but to tide you over until then there is a link to the video below.